The world of imaging is changing radically

What was once an industry defined by analog innovators is now one led by digital platform producers and technology entrepreneurs actively thinking beyond paper and ink. It is a new digital frontier of harmonized solutions, an on-demand print culture that celebrates speed and flexibility as much as it does quality and trust worthiness.

Founded in 1877, we are a company of open-minded pioneers with a proven history of innovation. A global leader in digital printing and imaging, it is our mission to invent, create and accelerate global digital technologies and connect them to local products and services.

As a kick starter headquartered in Europe’s most inventive region, we develop hardware and software solutions for blue-chip multinationals around the globe as well as for creative studios around the corner.

To facilitate technological breakthroughs efficiently; to explore personalized solutions collaboratively; and to create on-demand solutions in environmentally friendly ways—this is the passion driving our business, our culture and our people today.

Powered by 135 years of curiosity and exploration, we learned long ago that even as technology changes, our commitment to craftsmanship remains the same.

We are writing the future in the same way we innovated in the past: by creating the smart and efficient solutions the market needs and anticipating the ones it does not yet know it wants.

Because in a world driven by images, our role is to imagine new ways to reproduce them.
Within a global network focused on capturing the moment, we’re responsible for recreating those moments in memorable ways.

The borders have disappeared. The digital revolution has made it possible to print across time and space. The world of imaging is changing radically, indeed. We know, because we are the ones changing it.

Océ Software Research Hungary Ltd. is one of the five subsidiary research centres of the Netherland based multinational company, Océ Technologies B.V. The others are located across Europe and the U.S. Our company is located in Szeged and is one of the most dynamically developing research centres.

The Szeged team is continuously expanding its developer staff, which is responsible for the development of web applications among other projects.


The main operation of the Océ International joint venture is printer technologies, large and small format printing on any scale, and the development and operation of printer systems. These are systems typically used for producing documents, such as bank statements, cheques, engeneer drawings, decorational posters and office documents among others. We offer a wide variety of business services as well, which offer quantifiable business results, exceptional service quality, ceaseless development and a unique professional perspective.

In additon, we are increasingly tasked with the development the necessary software drivers, document handling and service related softwares for end-users.


Océ Software Research Hungary Kft. – Canon Group

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